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Miss N | Evansville, Indiana Boudoir Photographer


March 7, 2024


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Hey love, so glad you're here!  Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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Miss N, oh girl what to say. It was a privilege working with you, truly. I loved celebrating with you as you reached out of your comfort zone and sharing in your excitement as we created epic art and had the best girls day! Reading your questionnaire as we planned for your session had me knowing we were going to have so much fun.

You described our team to have a “bubbly kindness that’s refreshing”, gosh what a compliment!

I cheered with you as you sent sneak peaks to your partner for your anniversary and shared in joy as you saw your images and saw a momma feeling like her whole self again!

What a privilege it is to love my work and the women I get to celebrate so deeply, thanks for choosing FF to be your boudoir photography studio. Your excitement was so welcome and I hope we get to work together again. I’ll never get over the images of you in the body chains. EPIC.

Why did you choose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot?

I chose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot because I fell in love with the images about two years prior. I don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon the Fearlessly Feminine Facebook page but I fell in love with the photographs. The lighting, the composition, the poses, the colors, every part of the images are unique to the Fearlessly Feminine brand and after following more than one boudoir page, I quickly realized that no other boudoir photographers could compete. I had initially reached out and inquired, but it wasn’t in our budget that year. Fast forward to my second baby, and feeling very separated from who I am, I decided it was time to do it. I reached out about January of 2023 (I think), my son was not even one yet, and I ended up booking for July. It also gave me more motivation to get back to a healthier me and lose the baby weight.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

I honestly don’t know if I can pick a favorite part of the experience. The planning went so smoothly, all of the information was provided.. i fearlessly feminine has it down to a science. I feel that having such a strong planning phase really set the mood for the rest of the experience.. I had confidence in the plan and did not have any “first time” anxiety since everything was explained and lined out ahead of time. Then Molly, was so nice and fun and did the best hair and make up—- and the wine … it all felt like a self care day. Lindsay and Alisha made the session go so smoothly, constantly making me feel like a total rockstar. Then the viewing session was super fun, Alisha still continued to make me feel fun and beautiful even then. Their kindness just radiated and smiles were contagious.

How did your boudoir session make you feel?

My boudoir session made me giddy, happy, and beautiful. was looking forward to doing this for years. But most of all, it gave me a sense of me again. I love my kids dearly, but when I became a mom, that’s all I wanted to be. And I lost myself in that process. I forgot a part of me and fearlessly feminine helped remind me of the beauty that extends beyond being a mom and brought some of “me” back.

Would you do another Fearlessly Feminine shoot?


Would you recommend a session like this to anyone else? If so, who?

I would recommend this to everyone, but especially those in need of self car, the kind that reminds you who you are.

What did you do to prepare for the shoot?

To prepare for the shoot, I worked on becoming a healthier me. I built my Pinterest board with poses and photos that I loved, I ordered my lingerie from one of the lingerie sites provided in the guides and I was in love with what I ordered. I got my hair cut and colored less than a week before the shoot, and ended up using just press ons for my nails (no one could tell even tell!). I spent a long time that morning with more self care, shaving, exfoliating, lotion, and just simply getting excited for the shoot.

What image was your favorite?

I have several favorites… I loved my sneak peak photo from in the hallway showing my tush. I also loved the in the bed photo wrapped up in the sheets with me smiling… and then I also loved the photo in the dark room with my hands on the ground and my legs on the bed— my husband still has it as my contact photo in his phone! That has made for some side eyes when I call him when he’s around other people haha

What products did you decide on? Are you happy with your choice?
I decided on the wall art- and my session package came with an album! I was very happy. My prism photo in the hallway looks great in this frame!!

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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