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ABOUT the ff Team

Teamwork makes the dreamwork and Fearlessly Feminine wouldn't be as magical as it is without this incredible team of women.

Feminist, Sign: Capricorn, Style Vibe: Bohemian Naturalist.

I’m the newest member of the FF Squad, I take pride in being the Associate Photographer, as well as an Account Executive for Fearlessly Feminine. I’m not only an activist for confidence, but a prodigious celebrator of all bodies and women. 

After my first boudoir shoot in Mykonos, Greece, I knew right then that I wanted to be a part of the FF Team. Alisha’s ambition, independence, and perseverance are all that I aspire to be. To see what all she has done for FF is astounding and to be on such an inspiring team of women is a dream. 

Looking into my personal life, I love to thrift (here to save all the gorgeous vintage pieces!) and I was born hustler. I love music festivals and have a deep appreciation for joy. Claim to fame? My hype girl personality, and curly hair. 

Meet Graysen


my favorite  things:

Although I love a glass of bubbles, I do consider myself a margarita connoisseur. Nothing is better than a handmade lime margarita with a splash of Elderflower Liqueur! 

Cocktail of choice

Quality Time is hands down my favorite to receive. For me, it’s really nice when someone dedicates time to the relationship. However, with love, I express acts of service the most. 

Love Language


Favorite Place


My first trip out of the country was Greece and I fell in love! Their food is incredibly fresh & every person I came across was beyond sweet. Between the clubs, beaches, and clear blue water begging for you to set sail, what’s not to like?! 

My favorite thing about work is enlivening each FF babe that enters the studio. Every woman deserves to be self-obsessed & truly love her body. On a daily basis, I hear women talk negatively about their bodies and I love changing their perspective by showing them what I see, glowing queens!. We are all uniquely beautiful; life is way too short to not love yourself. 

Favorite thing about work



Daydream believer, Aquaphile, Sign: Cancer, Culinary Enthusiast & Amateur Sommelier. 

I've has been working with the team since Spring of 2018! I studied Fine Art Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design, and my passion for art shines through my work at the studio.

As Lead Editor,  I play a crucial role in the finalization of our clients images and products. It's yours truly working the Photoshop magic and delivering the album designs you all love. Creating and executing templates for social media marketing purposes and constantly researching current trends in our field is also something I do for FF.  But my personal claim to fame is diligently researching the next best culinary experiences and group adventures for our clients during our Destination Sessions. 

In my personal life I'm the placer of the piggy-tails and constantly chasing after my little girl, Everly. Otherwise, you can find me spending time with my husband, friends and family near the closest body of water. Fun fact: Mitch and I got married in Key West! 

Meet LIndsay


my favorite  things:

I've really been into Aperol Spritz's lately! It's just the perfect balance of citrus & bubbles.

cocktail of choice

Physical touch is for sure my love language to receive. To give love, I'd have to say Quality Time because I don't give that out freely to just anyone.

love language


favorite place


How do I choose just one!? ... Paris, France has been my favorite city to photograph so far! I'm truly obsessed with the French culture; the food, the wine, and the incredible museums & architecture. I can't ever get enough!

Getting a fresh batch of images to work on and seeing the finished products! It's really special to know that my hand has played a part in the process. And of course, the planning and execution of our Destination Sessions!

favorite thing about work



photo credit: Bret and Brandie