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Teamwork makes the dreamwork and Fearlessly Feminine wouldn't be as magical as it is without this incredible team of women.

Feminist, Personality Type ENFP-T, Ailurophile, and Slightly Champagne Obsessed

I’m Madison Will, but most babes will know me around the studio as Maddi. I am honored to be the Studio & Project Manager at Fearlessly Feminine! I have always found joy in managing projects that bring happiness to clients. I also value the art of small business as I was raised by a third-generation business owner. I completely fell in love with everything Alisha has created for Fearlessly Feminine after doing my first boudoir experience at the Durham location. The rest of that story is history! 

Looking into my (personal) world, you'll find I have two black cats and a champagne obsession. I enjoy long, meaningful conversations when connecting socially. (Usually while sip on a good drink). I have a healthy dose of curiosity for the world that has lead me to 8 different countries and almost all 50 US states so far! My favorite, most distinguishing feature about myself has to be my hair. (the chokehold that Miley Cyrus's long hair had on me in 2011, still has a strong grip...) My hair flips have become a signature characteristic of who I am and you'll for sure see it in my modeling for FF! 

Meet Madison


my favorite  things:

My drink of choice is prosecco always, I’m a firm believer that any occasion can be a celebration when popping bottles! But if I had to pick a cocktail, it has to be a Cosmo because I like to pretend I’m Carrie Bradshaw.

Cocktail of choice

Quality Time is my #1 love language to receive, give me all the undivided attention please! However the love language I express the most is Acts of Service - tell me you’re the oldest sibling without telling me you’re the oldest sibling.

Love Language


Favorite Place


Lake Como, Italy. This place is the epitome of serenity and tranquility. Lake Como really gives me all the romantic garden tea party vibes, and makes me want to wear my best sundress and a hat at all times.

My favorite thing, hands down, is getting to know all of our FF babes in the beginning stages and help them plan their dream boudoir shoot. If you reach out to book an experience with Fearlessly Feminine, just know you’ll probably receive a “hey girl this is Maddi...” text shortly after. :)

Favorite thing about work



Daydream believer, Aquaphile, Sign: Cancer, Culinary Enthusiast & Amateur Sommelier. 

I've has been working with the team since Spring of 2018! I studied Fine Art Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design, and my passion for art shines through my work at the studio.

As Lead Editor,  I play a crucial role in the finalization of our clients images and products. It's yours truly working the Photoshop magic and delivering the album designs you all love. Creating and executing templates for social media marketing purposes and constantly researching current trends in our field is also something I do for FF.  But my personal claim to fame is diligently researching the next best culinary experiences and group adventures for our clients during our Destination Sessions. 

In my personal life I'm the placer of the piggy-tails and constantly chasing after my little girl, Everly. Otherwise, you can find me spending time with my husband, friends and family near the closest body of water. Fun fact: Mitch and I got married in Key West! 

Meet LIndsay


my favorite  things:

I've really been into Aperol Spritz's lately! It's just the perfect balance of citrus & bubbles.

cocktail of choice

Physical touch is for sure my love language to receive. To give love, I'd have to say Quality Time because I don't give that out freely to just anyone.

love language


favorite place


How do I choose just one!? ... Paris, France has been my favorite city to photograph so far! I'm truly obsessed with the French culture; the food, the wine, and the incredible museums & architecture. I can't ever get enough!

Getting a fresh batch of images to work on and seeing the finished products! It's really special to know that my hand has played a part in the process. And of course, the planning and execution of our Destination Sessions!

favorite thing about work



photo credit: Bret and Brandie