2022 product guide

 Fearlessly Feminine is a global, luxury, natural light photography studio committed to empowering women. Ardently dedicated to an impeccable client experience and delivering portraits that make you beam with self-love. 

Providing you with tangible products to hold is so important to us as a studio. We pride ourselves in offering modern luxury wall art, fine art albums and folio boxes that fit seamless into your decor. 

Our primary intent is to create a work of art worthy of your impeccable images, pieces you'll cherish for years to come. 


Meet our folio boxes! Offered in both marble and glass, they’re designed to fit your boudoir photos seamlessly into your home decor. Whether you're displaying them on your bedside table or the bookshelf in your office, this intimate option is meant to be a constant reminder of self-love. 

Folio box options include your choice of marble or glass and your choice of matte or satin prints.

fine art with impact


Our goal is always to deliver premium products that make you radiate with self-love: invaluable art you'll cherish for years to come. 

We offer two fine art album choices that are absolute heirloom pieces. Printed with archival ink on fine art paper, it's museum quality! One you'll pull out 50 years from now and say:

Depending on the album you select. Cover options include Full Photo Wrap, Linen, Full Grain Leather and Acrylic with the option to add fully customizable debossing. We also offer both square and vertical albums and matte and glossy paper. 

DAMN, what a fox! 


Our film approach is through poetic storytelling and heartfelt documentation. Together we create your personal film diary for remembering who you are.

There will come a time when you're nostalgic for this moment. Our hope is, in the most realistic way, to vividly transport you back with something you can hold forever.

 At Fearlessly Feminine we            believe your prints belong both on the wall and in your hands and that you never have too much art showcased in your space that brings you confidence and joy. 


Acrylic prints

Acrylic Prints are statement pieces worthy of your most favorite space. These prints set in an acrylic inlay are the most brilliant wall art option we offer at Fearlessly Feminine. These heirloom pieces designed to wow and an option we are incredibly proud to offer at the studios. 

Offered with the option to hang directly on the wall or we can set you up with our favorite framer. 

shown here in size 30x50


METal Prints

This option is tried and true for our Fearlessly Feminine clients. Ever popular and for a good reason! Made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets these prints are incredibly vibrant. This is our most durable option we offer at Fearlessly Feminine! Metal prints are waterproof, offer a scratch-resistant surface, and are very easy to clean! 

Offered in a wide range of sizes and traditionally mounted directly to the wall. For an upgrade, they also look beautiful framed. 

shown here unframed in size 16x24

float frame acrylic

Added to our collections 2021 and proudly in our line of acrylic prints are our Float Frames. This unique option is designed to make your art stand apart. We love the modern clean lines.

Offered in a wide range of sizes and with the option of gold or matte black posts

shown here in size 30x42



see us unboxing a fabulous metal print 


These framed prints are traditional, clean, and versatile. Framed prints have been part of the Fearlessly Feminine collections for years and we love them. 

Offered in a large selection of sizes, frame types and matte styles.


If you're dreaming of having gorgeous art on your walls after your session be sure you talk to us about our wall art consultation appointments (Complimentary with our top two collections). These appointments are designed to help you explore the perfect wall art for your space. 

shown here unMATTED in size 20x24

paris, france
santorini, greece
mykonos, greece


high resolution digital negatives

custom mobile app

If I could do it again, I would've chosen the top-tier package because I ended up printing THREE (and so happy about it!) 20x24 frames as add-ons.



Remember this from the 90's? When you'd look in and see the Grand Canyon, well its back and a perfect place to put your nudes! Then it can be a nudefinder. 

You'll receive all the images from your session on a crystal engraved flash drive. Offered in the top tier collections and a la carte menu, the high resolution digital files include a personal use release to print your art however you like. We'll recommend high quality, easy to use labs. 

You only need the wrong person see your nudes ONCE to fix the issue of them living in your camera roll. Keep your images on your phone, but in the privacy of their own app! 

 I was blown away by my pictures. They were better than I ever imagined. Once I received my final product I was elated. The quality of my album exceeded all my expectations!


Durham, NC Studio

paris, france
santorini, greece
mykonos, greece

evansville, iN

Keep in mind, we recommend planning your session a minimum of 8-10 weeks before your deadline to ensure we have plenty of time to get your luxury album in! Once our calendar is full, it's full, so don't wait to reach out. 

let's get your session booked!

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