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Destination Boudoir

September 27, 2022


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Maddi and I really hit it off when she had her first boudoir session in Durham, so much so that I ended up hiring her to join the FF Team! Her bestie, Allison, has been a long-time client of mine and when she brings in a new babe, I know they’re all in and ready for everything a Fearlessly Feminine experience has to offer! These two knew they were dreaming of a bestie international trip, so it wasn’t long before they were both committed to the Greece Trip!

Maddi brought the heat with her incredible outfits and “in-it-to-win-it” attitude. She took sun-drenched, hot girl summer to a new level and as a team, we can’t get enough! So many of these images were created in between prosecco toasts and so many giggles.

Maddi, thank you for trusting me with your first international destination boudoir experience! I hope these photos are always a road map home to yourself– a reminder of self-love and your spirit of adventure. As you turn through your album years from now between the sparkling water and the setting sun you’ve reminded it’s you who shines the brightest.

Why did you choose to book a Destination Fearlessly Feminine session? And what convinced you to say “Yes!” to this experience?

Allison (my bestie) and I love to travel, we’ve been to several different countries together. We knew going to our Durham session in 2020 that we wanted to ask Alisha about this “Join me in Greece” banner she had on the website. Didn’t take much convincing from either of us, we were ready to travel internationally.

What was your favorite part of your session?

I don’t think I could pinpoint a favorite “one part” I adored my lingerie, I loved how Alisha brought my Pinterest board to life, I couldn’t believe the scenery with the sunrise. I kept telling Allison “I can’t believe we’re here doing this right now”

How did you feel about the shooting location(s)?

All of the locations were good, boat trip location was my favorite overall probably experience wise but photo wise I ended up liking the Villa photos on the balcony best.

What was your biggest takeaway from the entire experience?

My biggest takeaway is that I’m going back to Greece lol I shall return and when I return I will want more photos.

What was the highlight of your trip?

The highlight was probably getting to be surrounded by a whole new group of people in a whole new space. I like “new” things, people, and places. The bonus was that I got to take proof of this experience home in the form of a photo album.

Did you travel anywhere outside the FF destinations? Where did you go?

Alisha and I went to Lake Como, Milan, and spent a day in Switzerland. Obviously, anyone reading this knows that it was for future FF endeavors, lol. Best 3 weeks of my life.

Did you enjoy spending extra time with FF team? Dinner, excursions, etc..

I was a part of the FF team and quality time is my love language sooo yes!

Would you do another destination boudoir session? If so, where would you like to go?

Yes, I would be a paying client on another trip. Alisha knows I’ve had Asia on my list for a while, but I’m also happy to explore more of Europe like the south of France, Capri, etc.

What would you tell someone considering a FF Destination Session?

I tell girls all the time that it’s life-changing. Immersing yourself in another culture, surrounding yourself with uplifting women, and getting sexy photos along the way just isn’t a feeling you can describe. It’ll make you break up with your shitty boyfriend and start a brand new self-loving life.

What did you do to prepare for your destination boudoir session?

I love shopping for lingerie so I spent a lot of time picking the lingerie I wanted and then crafting my inspo photos around my outfits. I got Botox, a wax, golden highlights, brow lamination, and new lingerie before leaving and called it good to go. A Pinterest board also really helps envision the session more.

How long did you prepare for your travels to Europe?

I booked in March of 2021 so I knew I was going 6 months in advance. However since I was vaccinated and had my passport, I really only spent 3 months preparing. That’s when I started ordering things to pack, making my Pinterest board, obsessively looking a Greece TikToks, and booking my pampering appointments beforehand.

Where did you shop for your outfits?

Gooseberry Intimates and Forever & A Day Intimates for my lingerie! Shein, Missguided, and Pretty Little Thing were my outfit go-to websites for Greece vibes.

What would you do differently next time in planning your travels abroad?

Prepared better for jet lag because damn that hit me like a ton of bricks. It also took my body a minute to get used to me messing up my medications with the time change. I felt like I was in slow motion for the first few days until I got back on track.

Do you have any helpful travel tips to anyone that might be thinking of traveling abroad?

Alisha gave me all my travel tips and tricks from airplane travel to jet lag when landing, to the organization of my suitcase. Without Alisha, I would have completely effed up my birth control schedule which we all probably would have been upset about 9 months later!

What was the most memorable moment from your experience?

Private chef night that ended in skinny dipping into our pool, my quality time valuing my heart was absolutely singing.

Did you feel prepared for your destination session? If not, please explain how we can be more helpful in the future!

Yep I did because I was a part of the planning process lol

What intrigued you most about the package you chose and which package did you decide on?

The boat trip! Allison and I both chose the Keres package for that reason to get more “experiences” into our trip.

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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