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June 24, 2022


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Hey love, so glad you're here!  Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

hi, i'm alisha


five steps to actualizing your boudoir session

Leap out of your comfort zone and say yes to investing in yourself! We can't wait to celebrate you!



The following 10 series encompass the Fearlessly Feminine experience. Each vignette is carefully curated to evoke emotion…intimately bringing to light, imagery with soul. This month we were proud to introduce the Efflorescence and Beholden Series, but wanted to give you an idea of what’s included with your Fearlessly Feminine session fee as well as our offerings to make this experience totally your own.

Take a dive into our Featured Series..

I Am Feminine

Slip into the sheets, be present and remind yourself you are enough. Become fluent in the language of self-love. 

This classic series has been a Fearlessly Feminine staple since the very beginning and still captivates us each time. 

*Included in your Session Fee


We’re saving space for you. Shape-shifting silhouettes give way to empowered expression. Embrace your inner wild.

The Liberation Series is designed for dancing in the darkness and boldly owning your sexuality.

*Included in your Session Fee


Adorn yourself with florals and celebrate your femininity. Create space for self-love and self-discovery to bloom. This ethereal series gives way to extraordinary self-expression.  Inspired by our recent trip to Paris and all the local Parisian flower shops. Our favorite part? Collaborating with one of our favorite local florists, Katy, with KD Design.

This $150, twenty-minute add-on includes a medium white floral bouquet and loose flower petals.

Upgrade to a colorful bouquet: $25

Upgrade to a larger white bouquet: $75

Upgrade to a large colorful bouquet: $100 


Commemorate your love story and revel in the noteworthy details. Soak in this season of anticipation. Bride to be, you’re glowing.  This series has everything you need to make your album distinctly yours. This genuinely customized gift is tailored to highlight your love story.

This $100 twenty-minute add-on gives you access to our veil collection (6 in total) to accessorize your bridal boudoir images, and also lay flat bridal detailed images with a personalized handwritten love letter to your significant other!


Slide off your robe and sink into the bubbles. This time-slowing ritual quiets the mind and soothes the soul. Welcome your vulnerability and relish in your sensuality.

$100 twenty-minute add on.


Obsess over the perfect wine pairing, drink champagne for breakfast, or let us document your slow mornings over steamy coffee. Give yourself permission to pursue a life full of sensual simplicity. Be devoted to pleasure.

$100 twenty-minute add on.


The lingering of a summer escape, an ode to daydreams of trips to come. You’re invited…indulge in the moment and be transported.

The Escapist series was unearthed as a constant reminder of cabana days on European beaches, for breathtaking movements and sun-kissed imagery. 

*Now available as a session add-on at the Evansville studio!

$100 twenty-minute add on.


Let your love story swallow you whole, your heart skip a beat, and shivers trickle down your spine.  Immerse yourself in the intimacy and remember together, who you are.

The Immersion Series is a $150, thirty-minute add-on designed for couples.

You’re So Golden

The moment lingers like the afterglow of a summer escape. Follow the faint scent of sunscreen, welcome the appearance of your freckles and follow us into the golden hour. 

The vibe of this series is warm honey sun-kissed neutrals, how radiant we feel in the sunshine, and remembering how much we love being chasers of the light.

$100 twenty-minute add on.

I Am Wild

Tiptoe through the ice-cold stream, and reel in the earthy smell after a summer rainfall, nature has a beautiful way of making you feel grounded while reminding you how fragile life can be.

$150 thirty-minute add on.

Remember to add any two series for $150 total with the exception of I am Wild, Immersion, and Efflorescence with are always $150!

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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