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Miss K: fearlessly feminine friday | Evansville boudoir photography


April 10, 2015


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I’m so excited it’s Fearlessly Feminine Friday because:

1) It’s been way too long since I’ve posted one (sorry things have been so crazy, ladies!).
2) I had such an amazing time with Kelsey!  

I really connected with her personality, fun attitude and realness. There’s seriously nothing I love more than a fellow lady with a positive attitude and genuine excitement. Kelsey goes about life with both!  

Remember that crazy snow storm we had? It’s not often that as an Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer I have to worry about the possibility of so much snow getting in my way. Well, I’m thankful it didn’t stop this session or our excitement, which is a huge reason I adore this babe so much.  Nothing gets her down… not even 10 inches of snow! 

I could go on about these images all day, but I’m pleased to tell you that Kelsey was willing to transparently share her fearlessly feminine experience from her own perspective here:

I LOVED my session with Alisha. It is hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself and my confidence. I have gained some weight since starting my new teaching position and I fell into this funk and just truly started to hate the way I looked. I decided that I wanted to do something for myself. I wanted to feel beautiful. I was nervous at first, but Alisha made me feel so comfortable.


I had no clue going in what to expect or how to pose, but Alisha coached me the whole way through. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. By the end, I was walking around in the buff owning my body and feeling sexy. I’ve never believed myself to be sexy, but after that session….I do! 


After the session, I couldn’t stop telling people how I felt. Then I got to go in and view my pictures. I’ll be honest. The first time I saw them, that negative voice was screaming in my head. It was telling me I looked gross and that how I felt did not transcend into the photos. However, I remembered that feeling I had during the session. And then I viewed my photos again through that girl’s eyes and I fell in love!!!! I saw that the way I felt did transcend. I saw that every woman is beautiful and every body, no matter the size, has its own unique beauty. I fell in love with MY BODY! Not just my face, which is what I hear all the time as a plus size woman. I found that I have a beautiful body.


 When I got my pictures, you better believe I was proud and showed anyone and everyone who wanted to see them. I FIRMLY BELIEVE every woman should have professional photos taken of themselves. It does wonders for your self esteem. I not only felt beautiful on the outside, but my soul felt it, too. It wasn’t just a feeling either: I BELIEVED IT! All of that was possible because Alisha is amazing at what she does. I cannot brag about her enough. I’ve heard so many times from women I’ve shared with that, “I wish I had the confidence to do something like that; you’re so brave!” My response — I wasn’t. I was scared, and I didn’t have confidence, but I wanted to feel like i did. So I took a chance and fell in love. If you’re thinking about doing it, YOU HAVE TO! DO IT FOR YOURSELF. YOU’LL LOVE IT. You’ll be so proud of yourself and so happy you did. I know I do!!!


Photography: Alisha Sims: Fearlessly Feminine  Do you want to be a fearlessly feminine babe? 

Hair and make up: Sarah Jasper  (Thanks for coming in clutch in the crazy snow storm!) 

  1. ladonna says:

    Beautiful 🙂

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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