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Destination Boudoir

May 13, 2021


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Hey love, so glad you're here!  Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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Ange was on the fence about saying yes to a session in Paris, but WOW I’m so glad that she did! Ange and her husband George made an entire trip of it and enjoyed time in France, and we even snuck in a couple of photos of the two of them at the end of her session! *swoon!*

Ange is the perfect example for those on the fence about booking a destination session! She explains her own personal negative thoughts before booking, but instead combats them with positive thoughts – “This is an experience of a lifetime! Go for it! The grandkids will treasure the pictures and other women will be inspired!” I have absolutely no regrets, just gratitude.”

I’m SO excited to share this session with you.. Ange is truly a class act, and beautiful inside & out – and that really comes through in these images!




Why did you choose to book a Destination Fearlessly Feminine session? And what convinced you to say “Yes!” to this experience?

It was a happy accident. I was having lunch with my sweet friend Kay Corpus . I told her my husband and I were heading to Paris in Sept. She said, “I’m going to be in Paris in Sept.! When will you be there?” Lo and behold the dates lined up. She told me she was part of the Fearlessly Feminine destination shoot with Alisha White, also my sweet friend. I immediately reached out to Alisha and signed up for the Paris portion. Some of the best money I have spent and certainly some of the best memories EVER! I saw Paris for the first time with my wonderful husband AND got to be with some special friends too! YES! I would do it again!




What was your favorite part of your session?

Ooooh that is tough….I have worked with Alisha before so I already appreciated her bright personality and breezy session atmosphere. The best moments were on the streets of Paris! There I was in my evening gown floating down the lovely street as if I did that every single day. We made our way to a classic Paris cafe for more pictures, when my husband joined us. Alisha, with her photographer’s insights, asked George to slide into the seat next to me and whisper in my ear. That photo is priceless!


How did you feel about the shooting location(s)?

That apartment! Really? Just Wow! It could not have been more perfect. Of course the outside shots speak for themselves.


How did it feel for you to be photographed in front of the Eiffel tower, on a boat in Positano, in the streets of Paris, etc.?

It felt historic! Truly. Seeing the Eiffel Tower just off the balcony is breathtaking. Who could want for more?





What was your biggest takeaway from the entire experience?

I am 67 years old, a tv personality and progressive pastor so I wear many hats, and I am grateful for each one. But it was my age that caused me some uncharacteristic negative self talk. “You are too old for a photo shoot !” “That would just be silly and vain.” “You could use that money for another excursion or experience.” On it went until I silenced the negative with a positive. “This is an experience of a lifetime! Go for it! The grandkids will treasure the pictures and other women will be inspired!” I have absolutely no regrets, just gratitude.



What was the highlight of your trip?

George and I adored our arrondissement , home of the historic university Sorbonne. The charming little boutique hotel (Hotel Design Sorbonne) that was our ‘“home” offered us great comfort, a truly Parisian experience and a charming breakfast each morning. In the evenings we joined the locals for wine, dinner and conversations in the square around the corner. Of all the big sites Paris offers, those intimate moments were a treasure.




What did you do to prepare for your destination session?

Thinking about on how I wanted to be seen took up most of my planning time and, of course, deciding on outfits that would represent the many facets of my colorful life. I knew for sure that I would be wearing all white in some of the photos. I located the perfect vintage style white dress online and it was just perfect. I certainly did not have to be concerned with my makeup because my other sweet friend, Kana Brown was in charge and worked her magic! I am grateful for her talent.


Did you travel anywhere outside the FF destinations? Where did you go?

Yes. We took the train to Giverny and Historic Rouen. Magnificent.


Did you enjoy spending extra time with FF team? Dinner, excursions, etc..

Oh yes I did. Our dinner at the sparkling Eiffel Tower wrapped up the experience and added a big bow to the package!



Would you do another destination boudoir session? If so, where would you like to go?

Yes! I think Ireland, Scotland and or England would be exciting locations, but I am open to the world at large.


What would you tell someone considering a FF Destination Session?




How long did you prepare for your travels to Europe?

We began our plans one year ahead! Glad we did. We worked with Kristen Hold Burckhartt, President and Owner of Holt Travel. She is travel-savvy and knows her stuff!


Where did you shop for your outfits?

I already owned everything except the white dress and the white top I wore with the evening attire. The white blouse was a “find” in the village Rouen. $8! Really!


Were the payment plans helpful?

The payment plans are a stroke of genius and allows for a comfortable way spread out the payments.



Do you have any helpful travel tips to anyone that might be thinking of traveling abroad?

We read guide books, dined with friends who travelled France often, watched travel shows and daydreamed.




What was the most memorable moment from your experience?

That scene I mentioned in the cafe with my husband and another “first day experience in Paris.” We had jet lag big time and my husband, a world traveler, knew he had to keep us moving after we landed. I was ready to cave in but he kept me going. At last we came to the famous bridge with all the lovers’ locks are attached. (Those have been removed due to bridge damage). He then presented a gift to me right there in that very romantic setting. It was a Paris red lock with our names and the date we arrived in Paris. I was blown away! George totally surprised me with this thoughtful gift.


What packages/products did you decide on? Are you happy with your choice? Did you choose to hang up any photos in your home?

I just selected the Paris only option, though I don’t remember the exact name of the package. It was ideal for me!




What was your favorite image from your session?

I have two: The cafe shot with my husband whispering in my ear and one in the apartment in my white dress. Alisha and I both agreed it was the best of the apartment shots.


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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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