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Don’t take our word for it…take hers| Evansville, Indiana Boudoir Photographer


December 4, 2020


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Hey love, so glad you're here!  Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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You’ve heard from us, but we want to give you a chance to hear from Miss L! She sat down to chat about why she scheduled a boudoir session here at Fearlessly Feminine, and why you should book a shoot with us, too! From sharing pre-session nerves, to the planning process, to sharing exactly how the experience went from start to finish, we can’t thank Miss L enough for taking the time to share her story. Her pictures really speak for themselves!


What made you decide to schedule a Boudoir Session?

  • I decided to schedule a Boudoir Session because I heard about a friend of a friend’s great experience with Fearlessly Feminine. My friend and I both committed to doing it – and that buddy system was a huge help by the way! Going through the process together made it so fun – sharing ideas, shopping tips, and so on. Once I booked, I began to look into posing and shooting ideas, but nothing compared to what I saw on FF already, so I stopped doing that and left it all to the future! I wanted to give this to my husband for his birthday, but also wanted to do it for myself.


How did you feel beforehand?

  • The biggest thing I felt beforehand was a mix of excitement… And concern for the cost. It’s a lot of money, but I had seen and was continuing to see the results. I told myself – just as I tell friends I recommend it to – that even though I could have a vacation, got a really bad beater used car or braces for a kid, this is THE YOUNGEST I WILL EVER BE. I wanted to capture that. Maybe like a wedding even; we spend a lot on that one day and when I looked at it like that, as a single day event that I will have documented forever, it didn’t feel so expensive. PS – turned out to be worth every penny. Besides that, there was anticipation. I wanted to look pretty, be ready, tone up a little lol, and I was just excited. I am not shy or bashful, so I wasn’t nervous about that part. More than anything I just wanted the day to come!


What was your favorite part of the shoot? 

  • Favorite part of the shoot?! Don’t make me choose! I gelled with Steph immediately – I had so much fun just hanging with her. I was comfortable, felt in good hands, and just ready for it. Favorite parts though, if I have to choose, are: sitting the the hair and makeup chair chatting with my wine, the moment I saw my hair and makeup (OMG!), learning how to pose (The FF Team should present a MasterClass or Ted Talk on How To Look HAWT AF because WE ALL CAN), how Steph was cheering me on and showing me shots she liked and seeing myself… I felt very happy, brave and sexy!


What would you say to someone who is nervous about scheduling a Boudoir Session? 

  • To anyone nervous about booking a shoot I would say “Oh Hun, come over here so I can shake you. YOU MUST.” Depending on what they are nervous about, I would just tell them my experience. Money? It’s so worth it. It’s an investment and just imagine showing your daughters, daughters in law, and friends when you are 80 and you pull this out and say THIS IS ME; THAT’S RIGHT… HELL YEAH IT IS. I will have that framed all over my old folks home room. Maybe make a mobile out of it. Worried about being nervous or bashful? You will feel comfortable. They are professionals and will put you at ease totally. They honor YOU and work with YOU, and you will enjoy it. Worried about wanting to lose weight or look different beforehand? Don’t focus on that. One, you are perfect right now, this minute. Two, your poses will make you look like a freaking supermodel. Three, there is photoshop thank god because my heels literally look like hooves with their cracks and mess and that was just edited right on out. Four, once again, you are perfect, right now. Claim it, capture it!


What do you love most about the Fearlessly Feminine Brand?

  • What do I love most?! Well again stop making me choose. Meanies. Lol. I love Steph – the person she is, the way she guided me through the shoot, the ridiculous amount of talent she has wrapped up in that adorable hot little self. The makeup, the hair, the eye for photos, the editing, the creating of the book and story, her ability to capture me like I would want but would not even know I wanted. I loved ME! The me that was in that shoot was free, happy, sexy, just digging it! I also love the book and the fact that my husband thinks I am a hot sexy woman. Hotty McSexy from Sexyhot Town. 

I’d recommend Fearlessly Feminine to ANYONE.


Thank you Miss L for being OUR biggest hype woman!! We are already counting down until we get to have you back in the studio with us!

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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