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Miss J | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer


April 28, 2017


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Miss J’s eyes lit up with excitement as she walked into the room in her first outfit. With her hair and makeup done, her new lingerie on, and a determined attitude, she was ready to kill her shoot- which she obviously did!  Miss J knew how to shape her body like a pro!  Her killer abs motivated us to totally go to the gym!

Miss J wanted to give herself a birthday gift, and she decided that there was no better way to spend her birthday than by treating herself to a Fearlessly Feminine shoot! I loved getting to work with her and helping make her birthday fabulous and unforgettable! Miss J, I hope that your birthday was the best ever, and I hope you inspire other girls to make this a new birthday tradition!

Check out all of Miss J’s gorgeous photos below, and read about her boudoir experience!

  • Why did you choose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot?I chose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot because I wanted to feel beautiful, sexy, and powerful. As a woman in today’s society, we are constantly taught that being naked is a bad thing. I have always struggled with self-confidence and being comfortable in my own skin, and I knew that doing this shoot with Alisha was exactly what I needed to feel empowered. I chose to do this shoot on my birthday because what better what to spend your birthday than by being pampered and working it in front of the camera in cute lingerie?

  • What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the whole experience was getting to do all the different poses and just stepping outside of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like this so I had no clue what to expect. I loved every single minute of that day with Alisha.

  • How did your boudoir session make you feel?To be quite honest…it made me feel like a sexy little badass. After I warmed up to the camera, I began to feel like I was channeling my inner Marilyn Monroe. As one of her famous quotes goes, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

  • Would you do another Fearlessly Feminine shoot?Hell yes I would. Alisha’s work is FLAWLESS and I loved having Sarah there to help. They both make you feel so comfortable and amazing. I honestly wouldn’t have done a boudoir shoot with anyone but Alisha because I trust her and I know how good she is at her job.

  • Would you recommend a session like this to anyone else? If so, who?Of course. I would recommend a Fearlessly Feminine shoot to ANY girl who is struggling to see their true beauty or someone who is just looking to have fun and look sexy and look back on the pictures and be like “damn girl!”

  • What did you do to prepare for the shoot?Bubble bath the night before. Lingerie shopping. Clean eating.

  • What image was your favorite?Ummm all of them…? Lol but seriously, I can’t pick a favorite. I have never modeled like this before so I was a complete amateur and I’m honestly proud of myself for stepping outside my little box and just rolling with what Alisha told me to do.

  • What products did you decide on? Are you happy with your choice?I decided to buy all the images digitally because I couldn’t choose which ones I liked best. I did this shoot for me and me only so I just wanted the digital images to look at for myself 🙂

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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