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Miss L | Evansville Indiana Boudoir Photographer


March 17, 2017


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I not only had the pleasure of shooting Miss L for boudoir, but I also got to shoot her wedding portraits, as well. Miss L decided to book her boudoir shoot as a gift for not only herself, but her newlywed hubby!

Miss L puts so much time and effort into so many other people in her life, that I was so glad to share time with her where she could focus on herself! Miss L, I am so happy that you asked me to shoot both your wedding portraits, and your boudoir session! I hope you enjoy both sets of images as much as I do!

You can read more about Miss L’s boudoir experience below:

Why did you choose to do a Fearlessly Feminine shoot?

-I found your Fearlessly Feminine portfolio simply breathtaking. I loved the one especially of the woman posing outside in nature near and in the water.

What was your favorite part of the experience?

-Actually the whole shoot was amazing! The lighting techniques and the different ways the poses were orchestrated. The entire shoot was professionally shot with an artistic approach in the use of natural lighting and unique props. I loved the scene with the flowers that were laid over my hair. The images turned out so beautiful and mysterious, drawing upon the imagination.

How did your boudoir session make you feel?

-I felt beautiful and unique, away from the rigors of the working world and its demands. It was like slipping into a story book of everything I’ve every wanted to be and to be looked on with wonderment and appreciation. I loved how my feminine and womanly qualities were drawn upon and brought to light.

Would you do another Fearlessly Feminine shoot?

-I would definitely do another Fearlessly Feminine shoot! I feel that a woman and her life is ever changing and progressive. To capture this metamorphosis would be delightful and very gratifying.

Would you recommend a session like this to anyone else? If so, who?

-I have a number of friends I would recommend this experience to. I can’t wait to show my sister, Malia. I know she would love to have the opportunity to have this unique experience. My close friend, Rose, who is Brazilian. I know she would love every single moment of a Fearlessly Feminine shoot!

What did you do to prepare for the shoot?

-I took extra care of myself via diet, sleep, and keeping stress levels low. I also did a juice cleanse three days prior, which helped me feel and look my best. I had my hair color freshened up, eyelash extensions, and did lots of hot yoga.

What image was your favorite?

-I loved all the images so much. I have never seen myself like this in these images. You brought out the inner beauty to the outside and accentuated it with subtle natural light, an intimate atmosphere, and orchestrated every move so beautifully.
My favorite image is the half face with my hair and roses. It is a very ambiguous and unique image, bringing wonderment within the viewer.

What products did you decide on? Are you happy with your choice?

-I am very happy with my choice. I loved wearing the clothes from House of Bluez. Jodi Merrick was a tremendous help and chose just the perfect color scheme and selection.

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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