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January 15, 2016


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Hey love, so glad you're here!  Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

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Mary Lou celebrated a big birthday and big changes over last year, so we celebrated with a Fearlessly Feminine Beauty session! I firmly believe every lady needs amazing portraits of herself! She’s photographed in her lovely new home!  Isn’t it to die for?  

I admire this beauty for her impeccable style and flawless heart for others.  What an incredible example she sets for those around her.  Her secret to looking this dazzling?  I would say movement and sugar, lots of sugar!  I can absolutely relate to her sweet tooth and I firmly believe cake for breakfast is totally acceptable. (Am I right?!)  You can find her regularly walking her five mile loop around town and on special occasions shutting down the dance floor at family weddings.  

Mary Lou, knowing you makes life more fun!  I loved capturing this new chapter of your life!  














  1. chris Brown says:

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Krista Hillyard Peach says:

    One of my favorite people! Beautiful lady inside and out!

  3. Susan Nommensen says:

    Gorgeous – inside and out! Great photos!

  4. Sarah Wiser says:

    Just beautiful! You know she had a blast!

  5. Jackie Vail Gillespie says:

    Mary Louis has always been beautiful — inside and out!! One of the sweetest people I know!! Gorgeous photos! 🙂

  6. Connie Mayhue says:

    Such a sweet lady and the pictures are beautiful.

  7. Kathi Biehl says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful soul and lady. MaryLou, you are ageless!! Love you so much! Blessings and hugs:)

  8. Michelle Murray says:

    Awww beautiful !! Still look amazing !!

  9. Gail.hixenbaugh says:

    A very AMAZING woman who always displayed to alot of women that know matter who you are or where you come from, you were valued. Gail Kissing Hixenbaugh. Class of 85′

  10. Sally (seaton) kelly says:

    So beautiful great pictures

  11. Martha Alka says:

    Gorgeous lady! I just love her!

  12. Kris strothers biggs says:

    She is an amazing lady…very beautiful inside and out!!!

  13. Erin Cooley Broedel says:

    Love her!!! A true beauty!!!

  14. Melissa says:

    She is lovely

  15. Rosalind says:

    Beautiful inside and out!

  16. Betsy Hershey says:

    Such a beautiful lady,always has a smile for everyone!

  17. Stephanie Umfleer says:

    Beautiful inside and out!

  18. Judy Larson says:

    WOW….amazing pictures of an AMAZING woman!

  19. Kim Keepes says:

    Absolutely beautiful inside and out

  20. Cindy Wood says:

    Still such a beauty…inside and out!

  21. Kathy Linson says:

    I have always thought Mrs Jeffers to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met!~at any age!! Thankful she was one of my teachers, and the sweetest lady ever!

  22. Alice Rutter says:

    Stunning! Wonderful teacher. Loved her and her sweet and caring ways. A beautiful person inside and out.

  23. Ronda Penrod says:

    Beautiful, inside & out!

  24. Stephanie Sherman says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous my gym a very beautiful and stunning caring lady always had a smile on her face no matter the situation she is loved by so many Happy Birthday Mrs Jeffers!! 🙂 🙂

  25. Deb Becht says:

    She is simply amazing. Seems like last year, she was my gym teacher. Even then she was flawless, timeless and always together!

  26. Nancy (Yarbor) Lofton says:

    Absolutely Beautiful inside and out. She was my P.E teacher in 1981.

  27. Jennifer Jones says:

    Such a beauty! I had her as my kindergarten teacher.

  28. Kathy Large Brand says:

    You are beautiful, my friend.

  29. Theresa Reed says:

    You look amazing Mrs . Jeffers

  30. Lisha Pettyjohn says:

    She is amazingly beautiful inside and out!

  31. Stephani Carl says:

    Beautiful as always!

  32. Jamie Schell says:

    Dang girl ! You are rockin it !

  33. Belinda Higginson says:

    Wow! Absolutely stunning! Such a blessing to so many people! I bet these photos made "Buddy.s’" heart beat a little faster!!! Happy Birthday, Marylou! You look beautiful as always!

  34. Crystal Tennis says:

    Mrs. Jeffers is a true is example of what a Classy lady should look like , She also has the most Sweetest personally to go with her style. She has a very loving heart . Mr. Jeffers also has a loving heart as well. Great people. Happy birthday Beautiful

  35. Stacey Swift says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  36. Bunny Colclasure says:

    These pictures are beautiful, but this is how you looked everyday. You were the best PE teacher and cheerleading sponsor, the one we could always come to with our "major" problems at age 13….thank you for being there
    Bunny Gale (Morgan) Colclasure

  37. Marilou Barlett says:

    As usual looking beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous Birthday!

  38. madonna collins says:

    Gorgeous lady! Somethings never change.

  39. Marina Wilson says:

    You always look amazing , so how can you look any better??? GREAT PICS!!!

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Hey love, so glad you're here! Welcome to our journal...our personal diary about our clients, BTS, travels, and educational resources. Stay a while and say hello!

I'm alisha



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